The Tooth Fairy Factory

We make magical memories from magical moments!

Surprise your little one with a personalized letter from The Tooth Fairy, an enchanted check and the official Fairyland ID!
​​There are special moments that your child really looks forward to; losing a baby tooth, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and summer vacations are just a few of them.
As parents, these moments are precious and, when they happen, we would like to keep them forever. Although the days with little kids often seem long, the years fly by; flash forward a couple years and your child will not be a child anymore. We want you to savor the moments you have together.

A letter from The Tooth Fairy, an enchanted check and the official Fairyland ID are a great way to encourage your child to maintain a good oral health, keep up with grades or simply a way to say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas, while extending the time of childhood fantasies.
At The Tooth Fairy Factory, we look forward to surprise your child; we want the moments that you spend together to be a milestone that you can treasure for a lifetime.​ Let us make magical memories from magical moments!
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From the desk of The Tooth Fairy

Hi, welcome to The Tooth Fairy Factory!

We are a group of enchanting fairies committed to bring magic to the children´s very own home.
Is it that your child is about to lose a baby tooth? Or maybe his/her birthday is just around the corner. Did he/she get excellent grades at school or maybe a little push is needed? Is it that Christmas, Halloween or St. Valentine´s Day is fast approaching?
Don´t worry, we are here for you! Whatever it is, our pledge is to make it a beautiful experience!
Give us the opportunity to make this moment memorable with a personalized letter, an enchanted check and the official Fairyland ID for your child!



The Tooth Fairy